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Hello friend!

I would be most honored if you take  a quick peak inside my MADE IN BANFF or NEW YORK CITY  photobooks.  Through the pairing of my photos with select words, I wanted to be able to tell the story of what I felt or saw at that moment the photo was taken. Sometimes the story is simple. Other times more complex. But each time unique. That’s the beauty and wonder of photography I love . Like I did for my first book of New York City in 2019 ,  in 2020 I have selected a few of my personal favorite photos of Banff, Canada taken this year        

If you are or you know someone who loves cities like NYC  and /or nature and landscape like I do, the collection of photos and moments in these books would make a wonderful gift for holiday, birthday or anytime!    Thanks so much in advance!!  Cheers!  Michele 

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